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45.000 → 54.000
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• Work within a team of SREs to ensure high availability and reliability of our systems.
• Develop and maintain monitoring, incident management, and troubleshooting of infrastructure and applications.
• Utilize observability tools to gain insights into system performance and health, and make decisions for improvements.
• Design and implement automation tools and processes to improve efficiency and reduce downtime.
• Perform on-call on a rotating basis to address high-severity incidents and ensure system availability.
• Work closely with development teams to ensure that their applications are designed for scalability and reliability.
• Participate in the design and implementation of new systems and services to ensure they meet our reliability and scalability requirements.
• Keep up-to-date with emerging technologies, tools, and practices related to SRE and infrastructure.

• Site Reliability Engineers|International End client

A successful Site Reliability Engineer / Platform Engineer should have:

• Solid understanding of cloud architecture and application deployment patterns on GCP or AWS.
• Experience operating web-scale deployments of containerised systems on Kubernetes and Amazon Container Services.
• A deep understanding of programming languages and the systems you´ve worked on.
• A passion for architecting large systems with elegant interfaces that can scale easily.
• A hunger for tracking down root causes, no matter where it takes you and fixing them in systematic ways. Working with code owners to prevent repeats.
• A love for writing code - we primarily use Python; you don´t need to be an expert, but experience is a plus and we will expect you to learn on the job.
• Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills.
• Our operating language is English but a knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese is a bonus.
• Experience with security and compliance requirements is a plus.
• High level of English.

This company is a sizeable entity in the financial services industry. Known for its dedication to innovation and technology-driven solutions, it consistently aims to deliver seamless experiences for its clients.

• Variety of meaningful and competitive benefits to meet your needs.
• Competitive salary.
• You´ll have continuous professional growth thanks to our career progression framework with regular reviews.
• Equity process through a performance bonus.
• Continued personal development through training and certification.
• Being part of a diverse technology team that cares deeply about culture and best practices, and believes in agile principles.

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